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    Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology wins efficiency test

    Tuesday, August 17, 2021

    The Memmert HPP750eco and the IPP410eco were chosen as performance winners in an independent technology comparison.

    Compared to the Binder compressor constant climate chamber KBF-S720 and the Thermo Scientific Heratherm IMP400 Refrigerated Incubator the two Memmert devices consume significantly less energy resulting in lower operating costs without compromising on performance.

    Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology seven times more efficient than comparable technologies

    The measurements, carried out by Testo Industrial AG under identical conditions, clearly show that the Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology requires only a fraction of the electrical power compared to the devices with compressor technology and Peltier technology from other manufacturers. This is a decisive factor in the application of climatic chambers since these are mostly used for long-term pharmaceutical studies in accordance with the ICH guideline Q1A (R2).

    Supporting climate-neutral research

    In addition to research assignments, laboratories also have a social responsibility and are increasingly pursuing climate-neutral initiatives and processes. Memmert actively supports this development with the Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology, allowing decision-makers in laboratories to operate efficiently and sustainably without having to compromise on performance.

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    Memmert HPP750eco and the IPP410eco

    The Memmert HPP750eco and the IPP410eco