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About Us

Welcome to Lab Supply
Supporting Science accross New Zealand

Who we are

We are a privately held, family-owned and operated distributor of scientific equipment and consumables.

We partner with over 75 global brands to bring you industry-leading scientific tech and provide you with best-in-class material and equipment for your work. Some of our key partners include Merck, Brand, Memmert, Greiner Bio-One, Technoplas, GVS Filtration, and Ahlstrom (Munktell).

We are well placed to support clients across Aotearoa, as the only provider with offices and warehouses in both the South and North Island, in Dunedin and Auckland respectively. 

We understand the importance of accuracy and rigour in scientific work and ensure the products and service we supply meet the quality standards required to maintain the integrity of your work. 

Our history

Lab Supply was founded by Frank, Sue, and their son Adam Spurway in 2010, with the vision to provide high-quality products the science community could rely on implicitly. 

This was combined with superior customer service and support, enhancing their vision to include an on-going commitment to helping our customers achieve the outcomes they visualised.

Adam’s partner Katie Hogue joined the business in 2021, bringing with her a background in business operations, human resources, and law. 

Bringing together the family’s 80 years of collective life sciences experience, deep product knowledge, and passion, Lab Supply has grown as a company known for its personalised approach, progressive outlook, and investment in its customers’ success and growth. Together, the family has nurtured an establishment that stands for quality, integrity, and service.

What we do

We support science and discovery. 

We work behind the scenes enabling researchers and scientists across New Zealand to take their work the extra mile, helping translate it into tangible benefits for society. 

Our expansive product range of scientific equipment and consumables is sourced from over 75 suppliers across the globe, with more than 5000 SKUs available for our customers to order from. 

From food producers to pharmaceutical companies, academic research to medical laboratories, we are the answer to all your laboratory supply needs.

We also support what we sell with in-house servicing, calibration, and repair capabilities for a wide range of laboratory equipment, including liquid handling instruments. With our expertise in the setup of labs, we can help install your equipment, ensure it works within the necessary parameters, and upskill staff on equipment usage.

Whether it’s standardised testing or innovative experiments, we’ve answered the needs of a diverse client mix spanning commercial businesses, Crown Research Institutes (CRI’s) and universities across New Zealand.

Our customer promise

Because science and discovery never stop, we work to ensure you don’t have to either.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and proactive, answering requests as quickly as possible and maintaining open, on-going communication with our customers.

In keeping with the latest tech, our new customer portal offers you a wealth of features designed to make your purchasing experience more efficient - from 24/7 ordering capability to accessing order history, invoices, higher quality product imagery, and more. 

We aim to keep optimum stock levels of our most popular products so we can promptly turn around orders with 24-hour delivery for the South Island and 48-hours for the North Island.

For those items that must be sourced internationally, we are cognizant of delivery timelines, and promise transparent communication and regular progress updates.

We understand how important it is to uphold the integrity of your work, so we are careful to only source and supply reputable products that won’t risk compromising results, continuity, or lab standards. We provide equipment and consumables you can trust are reliable, accurate and consistent.

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