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    Constant Climate Chamber HPPeco

    The Memmert constant climate chamber maximizes energy efficiency in continuous operation - tailor-made for stability studies according to ICH guidelines, stability tests for cosmetics and foods as well as environmental testing and material testing.

    Incubator IPPeco Peltier Cooled

    Sets eco standards for cultivation below room temperature: unmatched energy efficiency, best values for heat-up, cool-down and recovery times.

    Incubator IF Forced Convection

    Highly sensitive, extremely accurate: Memmert lab incubator IF is available in: 55L, 75L, 110L, 160L, 260L, 450L, and 750L

    Incubator CO2 ICO

    Range: 56L, 150L and 241L. Memmert incubators for microbiology. Energy effi cient, precise, 100% AtmoSAFE. Rounded corners streamline cleaning. Can be sterilised at 180⁰c – including all sensors. Safe and user-friendly ATMOControl software.

    Waterbath WTB series

    Ideal for the temperature control of ointments, emulsions, samples, plates and nutrient solutions in the laboratory, as well as warm storage and calibration in the industrial segment

    Humidity chamber HCP

    Humidity chamber HCP. Available in 50L, 107L, 156L and 241L

    Oven UF Forced Convection

    Range: 32L, 55L, 75L, 110L, 160L, 260L, 450L, 750L, and 1060L . The universally applicable lab oven U is Memmert’s classic appliance for temperature control in science, research and material tests in industry. The technologically perfected masterpiece made of high-quality, hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless steel leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ventilation and control technology, overtemperature protection and precisely tuned heating technology.

    Incubator CO2 ICO105med active humidity control K7 105l

    Safety at all times: High-end functions for the protection of cell cultures, bacteria cultures or tissue cultures.

    Stainless steel grid, electropolished (standard equipment) - Size 55 and 75

    For Memmert UN55/75, UF55/75, IF55/75, IPP55, (Including Twin Display Models)

    Oven UN Natural Convection

    Memmert UN ovens ranging from 32L - 750L Available for a range of needs.

    Incubator IF Forced convection PLUS TwinDISPLAY

    Memmert IF TwinDISPLAY Range: 110L, 160L, 260L, 450L, and 750L

    Vacuum Oven

    The high-performance turbo dryer impresses with its many intelligent Memmert features for gentle drying and precise, rapid temperature control: digital pressure control, directly heated and individually controllable thermoshelves.

    Incubator IPP TwinDISPLAY Peltier Cooled incubator (at least 20C below ambient ) to +70C

    Double door (Outer + Inner Glass door), twin display cooled incubator 108L, 256L and 384L available