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    Lab Supply announces scholarship with University of Otago

    Wednesday, February 16, 2022

    In recognition of our long-standing partnership with the University of Otago, we have announced a new postgraduate scholarship focused on the sciences.

    The purpose of the annual scholarship is to recognise scientific postgraduate research that demonstrates potential for significant societal, economical, or environmental impact. It is open to postgraduate students at the University of Otago Division of Health Sciences and Division of Sciences.

    Through this scholarship, we aim to encourage emerging scientists to undertake research with real world impact, improving their capacity to advance science while contributing to scientific knowledge that enhances life in New Zealand.

    “We are a New Zealand owned and operated family business whose mission is to support science and discovery through providing the science community with high-quality equipment and consumables”, says Adam Spurway, Director – Lab Supply.

    “It is our special focus to support and encourage young researchers as the next generation of scientists that will create a positive effect in our communities through their work.”

    Pro Vice- Chancellor Professor Paul Brunton, on behalf of the Health Sciences Division, was delighted to accept this amazing support for postgraduate research and all the potential that it contains.

    The scholarship is set to commence later this year. More details will be announced in due course.