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    Introducing the Elmasonic Select

    Thursday, January 13, 2022

    Experience the power of performance with the new Elmasonic Select.

    Equipped with 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency, five ultrasonic modes, the possibility to save up to four cleaning programmes, and tank volumes from three to 90 litres, Elmasonic Select devices are versatile.

    Application-specific cleaning chemicals and practical accessories ensure the best cleaning results and make cleaning easier.

    Elmasonic Select is the successor series to Elmasonic S*.


    Five ultrasonic modes give you the best cleaning results and allow for ease of sample preparation.

    •          Eco-mode: Gentle cleaning with quieter operation by running the sweep-mode at a slightly lower intensity
    •          Sweep-mode: Even cleaning through even sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath
    •          Pulse-mode: Removal of even stubborn contamination through pulsating sound field distribution
    •          Dynamic-mode: Combination of the ultrasonic modes sweep and pulse in order to increase the cleaning performance
    •          Degas-mode: Quick degassing of the cleaning liquid and for special applications in the laboratory

    The Elmasonic Select is also intuitive, with a clear, easy-to-read display showing all relevant parameters and relevant feedback about the operating status through use of audio and visual symbols like ‘end of cleaning’.

    You can save up to four individual cleaning programmes, allowing you to personalise the operation of the equipment.  

    Customise your device with a range of application focused accessories like lids, cleaning baskets, brackets, noise protection box and more.

    With these features, the Elmasonic Select is perfect for use in a wide variety of settings from laboratories to jewellery workshops to the manufacturing of industrial components.

    To learn more about and to purchase the Elmasonic Select, click here.


    *Key information about the Elmasonic S product phase-out:

    •          Elmasonic S 30 - S 900 are not available post December 31, 2021.
    •          Elmasonic S 10 (H) / S 15 (H) and Elmasonic S 50 R / S 350 R are still available.
    •          Service (spare parts and repairs) of the Elmasonic S devices is guaranteed for the next 10 years (until 2031)

    Elmasonic Select