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Transferpette®- Adjustable

Transferpette® S, Single-Channel, adjustable, 100-1000µl

Product Code: BRD705880

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  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year warranty
  • Efficient one-hand operation
  • Flexible ergonomic design for all hand sizes
  • Reliable volume-change protection prevents accidental adjustments
  • Autoclavable
  • Fun avatar personalisation option available
The Transferpette® S air displacement pipette allows you to work efficiently and ergonomically with both small and large volumes. Low operating forces and a short stroke ensure relaxed pipetting, even during long pipetting series. Due to its perfect ergonomics, the Transferpette® S provides a comfortable grip in any hand position, whether you are right- or left-handed, or have big or small hands. Changing your grip is not necessary, since the microliter pipette provides true one-hand operation: set the volume, pipette, eject the tip.
The volume-change protection is also easy to operate with gloves on and protects your set volume against accidental adjustment. The Transferpette® S also features Easy Calibration technology, which makes calibration a breeze. Calibration can be carried out without tools. A compatibility table shows which tips fit which device, so that you always order the correct pipette tips.

Limitations of use:
Operating temperature of instrument and reagent should be between +15 °C and +40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F) (other temperatures upon request)
Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar
Viscosity: 260 mPa s
For viscous media, the speed must be adjusted if necessary.
Technical Specifications
Supplier BRAND Germany
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