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    Refractometer Basic ; 1.32000 - 1.54000 RI, 0-100% Bx. Resolution 0.00001 RI and 0.05% Bx

    ATR-BR compact high precision basic model benchtop refractometer. Measuring range: 1.32000 - 1.54000 RI 0-100% Bx. Resolution: 0.00001 RI and 0.05% Bx

    Refractometer Multiple wavelength; 1.33200 - 1.70000 RI. Resolution 0.00001 RI

    Schmidt Haensch Multiple wavelength Refractometer. ♦High-precision Refractometer ♦Automatic dispersion measurement ♦Seven wavelengths fixed ♦Automatic ABBE number measurement ♦Ideal for research and development

    Colorometer Coloromat100 single beam photometer

    Digital single beam photometer for the determination of liquid colour; uses polarimeter tubes up to 100mm; 420; 560 and 720nm wavelenth standard, up to total 9 wavelengths can be added

    Refractometer iPR-Compact in-line, stainless steel with VariVent connection - no display

    Process refractometer iPR-Compact for continuous measurement and real-time process control