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    MC-Media pads – convenience personified

    Monday, September 27, 2021

    What if you could use fewer handling steps for your indicator organism testing, without compromising your results?

    When it comes to rapid routine testing of microbial contaminations, the new colour-coded MC-Media Pad from Merck is the option to pick. Designed with convenience in mind, the MC-Media pad portfolio offers you a ready-to-use alternative to traditional media methods.

    The product range

    MC-Media pads are designed for convenient and reliable indicator organism testing of E.coli, Yeast and Mould, Coliform, Staphylococcus aureus, or aerobic microbial contamination in food and beverage products.

    Colour coding ensures that you can always pick the right one at a glance.

    media pads - product range

    media pad - composition

    Using the media pads

    The pads are coated with a growth medium and chromogenic substrates for specific detection allowing faster results and improved readout.

    When the sample is applied, the liquid spreads evenly on the pad by capillary action. No additional working steps are required, improving the workflow and reducing the risk of contamination. The transparent cover film can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

    media pads - worksflow

    There’s more!

    MC-Media Pads are not only convenient but cost effective too.

    • Save space in your fridge and incubator: Easily stackable, media pads take up far less space than traditional media plates.
    • Improve your inventory management: With a shelf life of up to 36-months, it’s easier to manage inventory costs and storage.
    • Comply with regulations: The MC-Media Pad® complies with international standards (AOAC, ISO16140, MicroVal®) and is quality controlled with strain selection according to ISO 11133.
    • No spreading device required: Capillary action takes care of an even spread across the pad.
    • Multiple usage options: The MC media pad can also be used as a passive contact or settle plate for environmental monitoring or for personnel monitoring.
    • Quick and accurate: Detection and enumeration are achieved between 24 and 72 hours after incubation, and colour-indicators ensure you count real contamination only.
    • Support sustainability: Reduce your environmental impact through decreasing single use plastics from petri dishes, creating less landfill from using eco-friendly materials and long shelf-life causing less wastage.

    So the questions to ask yourself is, ‘Why stick to traditional media plates if there is an alternative available which can improve your workflow, while providing accurate and reliable results?’

    Try out the new MC Media pads today.

    Download the product brochure.

    Watch the videos

    Introduction to MC-Media pads

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