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    Hei-PLATE Mix n Heat Core+ Package Stirring and heating with Pt1000, holder and cover 230v

    Core+ Package Containing Hei-PLATE Magnetic Stirrer (145mm, 230V), Pt1000 Temperature Sensor, Silicone Protective Cover, Pt1000 Holder & Cable Device.

    EcoStir 230v DLAB

    EcoStir magnetic stirrer from DLab Scientific

    Magnetic Stirrer MS6-Pro LCD (Max 5L)

    MS6-Pro Magnetic Stirrer with LCD screen from DLab Scientific

    Hotplate Stirrer Digital LCD 135mm dia. MS-H-Pro A AU/NZ 240v

    The DLAB heating magnetic stirrer, with aluminium cover with ceramic coating working plate, is capable of rapid and stable heating as well as precise temperature control. They are widely used in chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals and more.

    Heater Stirrer for Round bottom flasks 100ml, 250ml & 500ml

    The precision CAT KM16.4D magnetic stirrer equipped with a special heating block and flask container. Use it when stirring quantities from 100 to 500 ml and at temperatures to 450˚C. Of stainless steel construction the container is designed to hold samples in event the flask cracks and starts to leak

    Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer MS-H-S stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate 340°C

    • Maintenance free brushless DC motor • Max. temperature to 340°C • Stirring speed up to 1500 rpm • Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical-resistant performance • Safety circuits provide overheating protection • A wide variety of accessories are available

    Stirring Magnet PTFE Oval

    Cowie PTFE Stirring Magnet - Oval

    Stir Bar Magnetic PTFE Cylindrical

    Smooth round profile, a popular general-purpose stirrer for a wide variety of applications.