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    Eliminate cumbersome with Samplers and Swab Test Kits

    Monday, September 27, 2021

    Merck Millipore’s Samplers and Swab Test Kits simplify routine microbiological analysis of liquids and surfaces for bioburden levels of bacteria, yeast, or mould.

    This technique eliminates the cumbersome and expensive hardware and materials associated with traditional testing techniques.

    Liquid Monitoring using Samplers

    A sampler consists of two parts:

    • A plastic dip test handle with a 0.45 μm Millipore filter and an absorbent pad. This part contains the dehydrated nutrient medium for recovery of specific organisms.
    • An outer plastic sheath. This piece is filled with the sample liquid of choice.

    When the Sampler is immersed in a liquid, the absorbent pad rapidly absorbs 1 mL into the filter membrane.

    Bacteria, yeast, or mould larger than the rated pore size are retained on the filter surface. The liquid hydrates the agar medium which provides nutrients to the organisms on the filter. These organisms will grow into defined colonies, which can be examined and counted.

    Samplers - product range

    Surface Monitoring using Swab Test Kits

    Swab test kits combine a Sampler with a Swab. A swab consists of two parts:

    • A plastic cap connected to a polyester swab,
    • An outer sheath containing pre-measured sterile phosphate buffer solution.

    The swab enables you to monitor surface cleanliness, test machine surfaces, and reach difficult areas where bacteria, yeast, or mould can grow.

    swabs ans sampler kit

    Testing: As simple as 1-2-3

    Sample: Obtain a sample. Samplers are filled to a top line. Swabs are wiped across a surface.

    Incubate: Place in an incubator oven or incubate at room temperature.

    Count: Identify colonies of bacteria, yeast, and/or mould that are growing in your sample.

    Results are available in as little as 22 – 72 hours using an incubator or in seven days at room temperature depending on the test. Recoveries of microorganism levels are equivalent to pour plates, streak plates, and open funnel filtration in some cases.

    Swabs and samplers workflow

    Why pick swabs and samplers?

    • Easy-to-use: Just add a small sample of liquid to the pre-sterilised sampler or wipe a surface of interest with the swab
    • Ready-to-use: Pre-measured dehydrated agar in the sampler
    • Stable at room temperature for storage and for incubation
    • No instrument reader needed: Results achieved by visual counting of colonies
    • Affordable: Low cost per test alleviates budget concerns

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